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Easyliner Cushion Gel Liner
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Valve Integrated Pump - VIP

The ALPS VIP is an air expulsion pump for a prosthetic socket. It provides continuous total contact between the socket and the residual limb. Once the amputee dons the prosthesis and places a seal sleeve over the socket, the pump is activated from the user’s weight during heel strike, and draws elevated vacuum after toe off during swing phase.


  • Easy to install
  • Available with Low or High Vacuum level

Contact ALPS today at 1-800-574-5426 to learn more about our ALPS VIP or to find out more about the wide variety of prosthetic sleeves, locking devices, liners, skin care products, and orthotics we offer.


  • VIP - Convex, Low Vacuum
  • VIP - Convex, High Vacuum
  • VIP - Dummy
  • VIP/EZ-Lock Mounting Plate

Part Number

  • VIP-DL
  • VIP-DH
  • VE319-D
  • VE819- P